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Obama Approved Fewer Regulations Than Bush - Huffington Post
Oct 26, 2011 . Obama Has Approved Fewer Regulations Than Bush Up To This Point, . The findings mirror those of a World Bank study, which found that the . that doesn't explain then why under Bush I and Bush II the economy did so .

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Wall St. Firms Have Already Earned More Under Obama Than ...
Nov 7, 2011 . Wall Street firms have earned more in profits so far under President Obama than during . Barack Obama , George W. Bush , Goldman Sachs , Banks , President Obama . Obama Proposes New Bank Regulations - .

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Savings and loan crisis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While banks offered a wide array of products to individuals and businesses, thrifts . still clear signs that the industry was chafing under the constraints of regulation. . Neil Bush, son of then Vice President of the United States George H. W. .

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The Credit Crisis: The Bush Administration's Record of Denial and ...
Oct 10, 2008 . During these Bush-McCain Republican years, Americans have seen their . ( Federal Reserve staff briefing for Senate Banking, Housing, and . "There was a lack of regulatory oversight during the Bush administration ... that's .

Spitzer: Bush Administration Blocked Curbs on Predatory Lenders ...
Feb 14, 2008 . He discusses the measures taken by Federal banking regulators, namely the Office of the . AIG has also come under regulatory pressure.

Economist: The Banking Industry “has already been brought to its ...
Sep 17, 2012 . After the economy suffered an implosion which the banking industry . to repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley law passed under George W. Bush after .

Obama's Bush years whopper | Attack Machine
Jul 23, 2012 . Regulatory staffing, for example, climbed 44% during the Bush years . but under Clinton, who signed the bill to repeal Depression-era banking .

Obama Prosecuting Fewer Financial Crimes Than Under Reagan
Nov 16, 2011 . George W. Bush, George H. Bush, and Clinton Each More Financial Crime . In a nutshell, bank regulations have forced banks to choose to not .

Housing Bubble, Financial Crisis – What Happened, Who is ...
When someone gets a mortgage from a bank or mortgage broker, that lender can . The chart below shows the dramatic rise in home ownership rates during Mr. . “The Bush administration today recommended the most significant regulatory .

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Financial Regulation - A Look Back at Bush's Economic Missteps ...
Jan 19, 2009 . The only major piece of regulatory legislation enacted during the Bush years was the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which dramatically increased .,28804,1872229_1872230_1872235,00.html

How Did This Happen? » Who's to Blame?
Ultimately, the blame for this crisis lies with President Bush, Wall Street, and conservative policies. . Under his leadership, “a 158 year old company turned to dust. . And bills trying to institute common-sense regulation to discourage banks .

Clinton Myths by John Stossel on - A Syndicate Of Talent
Sep 13, 2012 . In fact, Bush talked deregulation but vastly increased the regulatory state. He hired an astounding . Under Democrats and Republicans, regulation grows. . So Clinton — not Bush — was the bank deregulator. Were those .

"Do Nothing" Obama Has Accomplished That - Best of the Blogs
Stabilized the top 20 banks without federalizing them. 4. Reduced the . During the Bush years, most legislation originated in the White House. It's messy, as I .

So Maybe I Was Wrong About Bush Administration - Cape Cod Today
Jul 11, 2012 . 'The regulation did not cause the banks to behave badly; it was . and not just as a matter of party politics during the Bush administration.

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Government is Good - Stealth Deregulation: The Untold Story
"When regulatory agencies are taken over by special interests and anti- government . During the Bush administration, the staff of MMS frequently partied with oil .

Government policies and the subprime mortgage crisis - Wikipedia ...
Both deregulation, and excess regulation, of financial institutions have been . The remaining two converted to commercial bank models in order to qualify for . A significant driver of economic growth during the Bush administration was home .

Economic policy of the George W. Bush administration - Wikipedia ...
Budgeted spending under President Bush averaged 19.9% of GDP, similar to his . 6.1 Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; 6.2 Sarbanes-Oxley Act; 6.3 Regulation of the . "As the shadow banking system expanded to rival or even surpass .

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